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'One Direction' Fans Think Zayn's New Song Is A LOVE LETTER To Harry Styles

Let's just go on record that people on Twitter are ALWAYS coming up different conspiracy theories haha

This time around, people on Twitter are completely convinced that Zayn Malik's new song "Fingers" is actually a LOVE LETTER to former band mate, Harry Styles LOL LOL

Here's just a few of the lyrics that has people convinced of this love letter haha

I've been f*cked and I want ya, I can't even text ya'

 Cause my fingers ain't broken, but my heart is

If you wanna let me know where you hiding

I could come and love (I could come and love)

I could come and love (I could come and love ya)

Directions immediately jumped to the conclusion that the song is actually about Harry Styles LOL

LISTEN to the whole song here and see what you think! hahah

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