Megyn Kelly Emotionally Apologizes on Air for "Blackface" Comments!

The world is legit OUTRAGED at Megyn Kelly right about now because of her racist comments on her morning talk show, Megyn Kelly TODAY.

Megyn Kelly had a discussion on her show where she questions Blackface being offensive for a Halloween Costume... WATCH what she had to say -----

After being in HOT WATER over this topic, Megyn has since gone on-air, stared directly in the camera and apologized for her comments. 

A VERY emotional Megyn Kelly started off Wednesday's installment of her TODAY hour by apologizing for insensitive comments she made earlier in the week about blackface. 

"I want to begin with two words: I'm sorry," she said. "You may have heard that yesterday we had a conversation about political correctness and Halloween costumes [where] I defended the idea (of blackface), saying that as long it was respectful and part of a Halloween costume...Well, I was wrong, and I am sorry."

WATCH her apology here!

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