Restaurant With 20 Different Kinds Of Burgers Opened In Nashville!

Not even gonna lie to you, my mouth it totally salivating as I'm sitting here staring at glorious pictures of all of these different kinds of burgers lol

If you know anything about me, you know YA BOY LOVES TO EAT haha

Stock & Barrel - a Knoxville based company just opened it's doors in NASHVILLE and they legit have 20 different kinds of burgers to choose from! It's a farm-to-table joint so you know it's EXTRA good!

It just opened in the gulch -- 901 Gleaves St! Meet me there for a lunch date?!

----- scroll for a bunch of photo's of their different burgers -----

PS -- besides having insane looking burgers, they even have the DOPEST milkshakes!! YAS SIS!

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