Councilwoman Requests Rename Of Nashville Airport After Oprah!

Oprah Winfrey -- hands down one of the most famed TV hosts of all time and SUPER RICH, definitely has some roots in Nashville!

She graduated from East High School & Tennessee State University before landing a job on News Channel 5! ** did you know she was a TV anchor in Nashville before her enormous career took off?!**

Now, there's a councilwoman that's trying to change the name of the Nashville International Airport to the "Oprah G Winfrey International Airport!"

Apparently this change will not be up to the council, it would be the airport authority board who gets the final say.  

--I don't really see this happening BECAUSE of the airport's current policy on naming rights --

Airport policy reportedly states an individual must be deceased for at least two years and have made a substantial contribution to the airport or field of aviation to have building or facility named after them.

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