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Cardi B & Tomi Lahren Get Into Twitter Fued Over Government Shutdown!

This whole Federal Government shut down battle is DEFINITELY getting to everyone's head!

Cardi B is the latest celebrity to go on a RANT on her Instagram about Donald Trump and the government shutdown.. She was dragging President Donald Trump over his administration's decision to order furloughed employees back to work without pay.

She also ranted about the fact that the government had been shut down for so long and that it was over funding for a border wall.

IF YOU missed her rant -------> WATCH

FOX News commentator, Tomi Lahren, found the video and decided to comment on Cardi B's video... but she took it to Twitter to make it SUPER public. 

They went IN on each other via Twitter!

FOLLOW the Twitter stream below to see how catty they're both being toward each other! Politics ALWAYS gets people riled up!

A bunch of Cardi B fans were coming for Tomi on Twitter -- which clearly Tomi had to acknowledge and continue the argument -___-

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