Woman Claims 'I Sleep With Married Men To Save Their Marriages!'

This story is really interesting and goes deep into peoples personal lives and marriages! Gweneth claims that he saves marriages by having kinky affairs with WEALTHY, married men.. Gweneth apparently believes it's difficult for men to have only one woman.. she also goes on to say "when married are boring, they usually fail."

The weirdest part.. when she becomes the mistress, the wives know about it, but pretend it's not happening and somehow their marriages improve!

Sooo many questions... who do you think brings up the original conversation...? Like does he come home from work one day and just say..I think I want to buy a mistress..? lol

I guess it actually has helped relationships, Gweneth goes on to say some women have even thanked her for saving their stale, sexless marriage from divorce!

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