Man Arrested After Trying To Set Boy On Fire To "Burn The Demon Out Of Him"

Josiah James McIntosh, 27, of Johnstown, Pa.

This COVID-19 pandemic is really getting the best of people out here in 2020.

There's a 27 year old man, from Pennsylvania, that is facing aggravated assault charges after trying to set a four-year-old boy on FIRE to 'burn the demon out of him.'

Officers were called to a home for a 'domestic disturbance' call where Josiah James McIntosh was found along with a four-year-old boy smelling of gasoline and McIntosh in possession of a disposable lighter!

According to the news report, a witness who arrived to the home prior to the police claims that McIntosh told him, "If we can't get the demon out of him, I'll burn it out of him."

The alleged witness tried to stop McIntosh, but the defendant proceeded to to punch him and hit him in the head with a brick before fleeing the scene. After a brief search of the neighborhood, McIntosh was found by authorities.

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