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Nashville To Remain In Phase 2 After Uptick of COVID-19 Cases!

Via Josh Breslow On Twitter

After 14 days of tracking COVID-19 cases, Nashville will stay in Phase Two of its reopening plan after an uptick was reported in COVID-19 cases.

Over the weekend, Vice Mayor -- Jim Shulman -- spoke with Dr. Alex Jahangir, of the Metro Health Coronavirus Task Force, about what the city health officials look for when determining Nashville's reopening schedule.

Dr. Alex Jahangir stated that the city has decided to NOT reopen more businesses because they are working to see if the recent uptick in new COVID-19 cases were caused by Memorial Day Weekend.

Dr. Jahangir stated:

Given Memorial Day weekend, given the increase in trend, we wanted to pump the brakes. We wanted to slow down and make sure the numbers in the next few days stay at a reasonable, manageable number.

As of today, June 8, Nashville has hit its 14 days period of Phase Two. It is will unknown when the city will enter Phase Three of the reopening plan.

Residents are taking to Twitter to reveal how they feel about not moving to the next reopening phase.

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