Inmates Escape Prison And Leave Note Promising to Return in Two Weeks!

It's being reported by media in Italy that two inmates managed to escape from the Rebibbia prison and they even left a letter behind promising to return in two weeks!

Davad Zukanovic and Lil Ahmetovic, two cousins, were serving time in Rome's Rebibbia prison and managed to escape! They cut through the bars on their prison cell window, rappelled down into the court yard using a fire hydrant hose and climbed the outer walls with a wire cutter!

The two cousins actually left a note behind explaining that they had an urgent family problem to to care of and promised to be back in 15 days.

In the odd letter to the prison staff, Zukanovic and Ahmetovic claim that they had to escape in order to 'protect their children from a nasty business deal they got themselves into,' the letter went on to explain that they were the only ones able to do so, because both of their wives are also in jail. Near the end of the note, they also said they plan to return and stand in from of judicial authority as soon as their personal matter was resolved!

The cousins were serving jail sentences set to end in 2029 for non-violent crimes; including fraud and receiving stolen goods! Apparently they are still facing a 5 year extension on their sentences for escaping prison!

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