2,500 Tulips Delivered To Women At Nashville Rescue Mission!

On International Women's Day, March 8, something really incredible happened for the women at the Nashville Rescue Mission!

Petals For Hope, based in Washington D.C is an organization that repurposes floral arrangements from weddings and corporate events.

Well, on March 8, they sent 2500 tulips to honor and celebrate the women at the Nashville Rescue Mission!

According to News Channel 5:

"We're really blessed that organizations will reach out to us and share love in this way," said Lisa Spelta, director of major gifts at Nashville Rescue Mission.
"Being given a bunch of flowers to give out to the women, I mean it's just that's really rare," said Ashlee Peele, a worker at the women's shelter.
"They really uplift, strengthen and support these women that are on an incredible journey. They are really trying to change their lives and we can do everything in the world to support them and provide services, but they have to do the work," Spelta said.

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