Want To Live Like A Pogue?

If you're a fan of "Outer Banks" then I have a treat for YOU!

Hotels.com has created a list of the best places to visit if you want to live the life of a Pogue or a Kook (totally judging those of you who pick the Kook life). The list contains six different properties in North Carolina, even though the majority of the season was actually filmed in SOUTH Carolina.

Yes, you read that right... South Carolina. The production of the show moved to South Carolina after the bathroom bill with “anti-LGBTQ language” was passed in the state of North Carolina. Most of what you've seen in the new season was filmed in Charleston, North Carolina. So take your trip to OBX and head a bit more south to check out some of the classic spots in the show like The Wreck, Sarah Cameron's house that is actually a popular wedding venue called Lowndes Grove, and Mount Pleasant's Old Village.

Here's the full list of houses: https://www.hotels.com/page/obx/

Maybe you and your friends can wear matching P4L shirts to REALLY get into the groove... just be sure to avoid any alligators, angry ship captains, or insane gold cross-seeking women.

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