Bud Light Has Created New Holiday Hard Seltzer Flavors And They're Wacky

Hard seltzer had taken over the alcoholic beverage industry. Just about every brand has their own seltzer and Bud Light is no different.

Bud Light has classic hard seltzer flavors that everyone loves and now they're taking it even farther by creating a line of seltzer flavors with the essences of the holidays.

The latest flavors are: Cranberry (from 2020's holiday flavors), Sugar Plum, Egg Nog, and Cherry Cordial. All flavors are part of the Ugly Sweater 12-pack they're releasing November 1st. They'll be available for a limited time, through December 5th.

The new flavors are described as follows:

  • Seltzer Nog — With sweet notes of cinnamon and vanilla, the spiced sip is a lighter take on creamy egg nog.
  • Cherry Cordial — This blend of cherry and chocolate flavors will remind you of the classic dessert.
  • Sugar Plum — Mixed berry, plum, and cranberry flavors combine for this sugared-fruit combo.

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