Details On The Starbucks x Taylor Swift Collab

Earlier this week, Starbucks had tweeted a very suspicious tweet that had the Internet erupting in theories about a Taylor Swift collaboration.

Now we know what the collaboration is!

Today (Nov. 12) through Nov. 14th you can order Taylor's favorite latte by asking your barista for "Taylor's Version" or "Taylor's Latte." The order is her go-to Grande Caramel Non-fat Latte. If you're using the app, you can find it by tapping on the Taylor app card and then clicking “order now.”

Their stores will also be playing "Red (Taylor's Version)" all day long for your enjoyment.

And they will have a special Taylor themed e-gift card available featuring a design with leaves and the lyrics, “Autumn Leaves Falling Down,” from “All Too Well.”

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