You Can Now Add Content Warnings To Your Tweets

Twitter's latest feature is to help create a safer environment for everyone involved.

You can now add content warnings to your Tweets that have videos or pictures attached to it. When the warning is added, users will have to click through a prompt to get to the content itself.

Here's how you can add the content warning:

  • create your tweet
  • add the picture or video to it
  • click the "edit" button on the bottom right corner of the picture or the video
  • Twitter's edit tools will pop up
  • pick the last tab that looks like a small flag at the top
  • when you go into the tab there will be three options to choose from: Nudity, Violence, or Sensitive (you can as many as you want)
  • once you've picked a warning then you click save
  • then it's ready to publish with the warnings

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