This Guy's Driver's License Photos Are Unrecognizable

Meet Jono Zalay of Los Angeles, California. After some creeping, I think I've confirmed that he's a standup comedian, which isn't that surprising considering where this story is headed.

When it comes to getting a new driver's license, Jono and his family never take normal photos. Instead, they create a new character every time they go. Apparently Jono's dad started doing it in the 70s and its been a family tradition ever since!

So when Jono needed a new license, he got to work transforming himself into his next character...and this one took bleach, hair dye, a TON of hair gel, and new clothes! But honestly, it was worth it! This is the best license photo we've ever seen!

Check out the transformation below:

Photos + Captions courtesy of @JonoZalay

Meanwhile, the last time I had to get a new license, I didn't realize the background was blue and stupidly dyed my hair blue the week before. Soooo you can imagine that didn't go well and now I just look bald. Not my brightest idea...

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