Woody From The Suite Life on Deck Had a MAJOR GlowUp

Does anyone else remember the Suite Life on Deck? Featuring our favorite twins, Zack and Cody...also known as Dylan and Cole Sprouse? If you don't, do yourself a favor and watch it now. When people refer to "quality television", The Suite Life on Deck is what they're talking about. 

Ya see that guy off to the right? Next to London? That's Woody. He was played by Matt Timmons, who apparently had the greatest glowup EVER since Neville Longbottom!

This was Matthew back in the day...

But then something happened...something great..and THIS is Matthew today 😍😍

If you're wondering if I'm okay, the answer is no. I am NOT okay and I won't be for a while.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? And why didn't I have a glow up like this?!

Y'all. I can't believe I was too busy trying to decide between Zack and Cody and completely overlooked Woody. I'm disappointed in myself.

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