Candy Land Exists and its Not Far From Nashville

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Crave Golf Club is one of the latest (and greatest) additions to Pigeon Forge and its basically Candy Land in real life!

Bring your friends to Crave and have a SWEET day! #GolfOn ⠀ ⠀ 📷: Amy K Loveday Edmands

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Not only do they have an ADORABLE mini golf course, but they have a freakin' candy store that is literally the most colorful place I've ever seen!

Do you LOVE candy as much as we do?!! If you could have an infinite supply of one type of candy, what would it be?

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BUT WAIT! There's more!

It also has a bowling alley and delicious milkshakes! 😍😍

Curious about the difference between traditional bowling and Crave Golf Club’s mini bowling? Mini Bowling has all of the great action of traditional bowling but with a smaller, more fast-paced bowling experience. In mini bowling, you’ll pummel mini-pins with mini-bowling balls on one of four lanes. No bowling shoes necessary! 🎳

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Honestly, I had plans to go visit my sister in California, but this sounds so much better. Sorry sis...Candy Land wins!



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