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Most Eye-Catching Bars in Every State: Nashville Made the List!

If a bar has a theme, I instantly love it. Doesn't even matter what the theme is, I already love it. So of course I was excited when I found out about this list of the best themed bars in EVERY. SINGLE. STATE. 

Here's a few of my favorites!

I can't even pick my favorite thing about this bar - there's just too much to love! The bar takes you straight back to the 60s and is filled with lava lamps and other nostalgia. PLUS they have a huge Sgt. Peppers mural on the wall! Their signature drink is the "Sex Panther Cocktail" which comes with a temporary tattoo! Aaaannnd (as if you needed more to love) they have tons of costumes that you can wear while you hang at the bar!

Arizona: Camp Social 

You guys...this place is adorable! Its a "camping" theme, so they've got tire swings instead of actual seats, vintage trailers, and S'MORES!!! Yeah, you can literally roast marshmallows right from your table! Its basically camping, but better.

Massachusetts: The Alibi 

Alibi used to be home to the Charles Street Jail, but now its a jail-themed bar! They left in the bars from the jail cells!! Kinda creepy, but also kinda cool, right?

Texas: Handlebar

Austin, Texas is all about keeping it "weird" and they don't disappoint when it comes to the Handlebar....the facial hair themed bar!! Handlebar mustaches are EVERYWHERE! But the best part is that they have playground toys that you can play on!

Tennessee: The Greenhouse Bar

How freakin' cute is this one? Its literally inside a greenhouse!! 

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