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"Dunkaroos" Find Their Way Back in Stores

What was your favorite snack as a kid? If it wasn't Dunkaroos, then idk what to tell you, but this blog won't be exciting for you! My mom barely ever let me have Dunkaroos as a kid, so when I did get them, it was about as exciting as walking down to the stairs to see all the presents on Christmas morning...maybe even MORE exciting than that!

Basically, I LOVED those things!!



According to Junk Banter, a junk food Instagram account, Walmart is now making their own version of Dunakroos called "Dunk 'N Crunch"!!

They may not be the exact same as the old ones, but its about as close as we're gonna get without having to search the internet for an expired pack of the cookie goodness. The recipe looks a little different - the main difference being that they're shortbread cookies, but I just like to think that makes them a little healthier...right?

So at first I thought this was just gonna be a "limited store" kinda thing, but according to a bunch of other people on the internet, they're all over the country!! 

Sooooo Nashville Walmarts, imma need you to step up your game cause I have yet to find these in any of your stores!

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