Nashville Shop Releases Predators-Themed Cookie Dough

The playoffs are in full swing and things are going preeeetyyy well for the Predators! But let's be honest, things can always get better....AND THEY JUST DID! 

A local cookie dough shop just released a blue and gold sugar cookie dough in celebration of our favorite hockey team, The Nashville Predators! 

The dough is being served at Sam T. Spoonlicker's at the Opry Mills Mall! Now, as a local, I usually try to stay as far away as possible from the mall, BUT this cookie dough might just make me battle the crowds. I mean, come on! LOOK AT IT!!!

And it even comes in a blue cone?! WHATTT??? I'll probably end up making a visit at least once a week! It just looks SO. FREAKIN'. GOOD.

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