Unicorn Island is the Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen

I'm not sure when unicorns became the new "cool" thing, but everyone is OBSESSED with them now! I guess that's why "Unicorn Island" exists now! Unfortunately you'll have to get a passport to visit since its in the Philippines 😩😩

The park is filled with waterslides, inflatables, wings, trampolines, UNICORNS, and even a freakin' human launcher. IDK what a "human launcher" is, but it sounds like something I want to be a part of!

The park is the largest floating playground in Asia at 4,100 square meters! For everyone like me that doesn't know the metric system, don't worry...I converted it. THAT'S 2 AND A HALF SQUARE MILES!!!

But guys...it gets better! They even have an adorable little (he's not little) mascot named Baba!

And their drinks look UH-MAZING!!

Sooooo I'm adding "take a trip to Unicorn Island" to my bucket list. If I start saving now, maybe I can make it there by 2022?

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