Nickelodeon Plans to Reboot "Double Dare"

Who remembers the Nickelodeon show "Double Dare"? Not me cause my parents didn't get cable til I was in high school, BUT everyone I know seems to have been OBSESSED with the show! And honestly, I can't really blame them! It looks awesome!

The show premiered all the way back in 1986 and had a bunch of different names throughout the years - "Family Double Dare", "Sloppy Double Dare", and "Double Dare 2000" 

Well, it looks like its getting ANOTHER reboot this summer! According to the Hollywood Reporter, Nickelodeon is set to premiere FORTY new episodes!

I'm pretty sure the show is meant for kids and maybe a few teens, but you can bet my 26 year old self is gonna be watching this show every day after work! I mean...watching people get slimed and doing stupid stuff is the perfect way to unwind after work! 

This isn't the only show getting a reboot from Nickelodeon! There's reports that they'll be bringing back "Clarissa Explains It All" too! Again, I don't know the show cause my family didn't want me to grow up like a normal kid, but I do know that it starred Melissa Joan Hart aka Sabrina the Teenage Witch so I am HERE. FOR. IT.

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