Nashville Running Trails You May Not Know About

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Shelby Bottoms Greenway

The greenway features 10 miles of trails that take you through all sorts of GORGEOUSNESS - streams, riverfront, forests, etc. And the best part? Pets are allowed!

Cruising the park with @ryanmhare.

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Harpeth River Greenway

If you're looking for a longer trail, the Harpeth River Greenway is a 6-mile trek that connects Edwin Warner Park and Harpeth River Park, so you can knock out the 12 miles of trails in those parks too!

Dis place be nice. #HarpethRiverGreenway

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Richland Creek Greenway

Now this one is totally new to me - I've never heard of it til today! The five-mile trail takes you through wooded areas, bridges, and of course, Richland Creek. As I creeped through Instagram photos from the greenway, I saw a TON of pictures of dogs, so it gets a 10/10 in my book.

And still more yesterday on the Greenway.

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Stones River Greenway

Mostly I just liked this one cause of this picture I found on Instagram, but apparently it connects Shelby Bottoms to Percy Priest Lake and the trail connects Heartland Park and Two Rivers Park so there's plenty of sightseeing along the trail!

It’s starting to clear up outside...well, kinda. It’s not raining, at least. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Beaman Park

If you're looking for a more rugged trail, Beaman Park looks like it might be the best pick for you! Its got a bunch of streams, gorgeous plant life and a freakin' waterfall!

Got outside and hit took a new trail today. #beamanpark #hike #tennessee #adventure #trails #datenight @thegeebz #godmadeit #explore #getoutdoors #waterfalls

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Long Hunter State Park

Well, looks like mermaids exist here! Soooo basically this place is magical.

"You will always find an answer in the sound of water." - Zhuangzi . Ever since the dog woods began to bloom, I've been eager to get back to my happy place! Sitting here with a bird's eye view over the lake, (kinda ironic) listening to the sound of the water crash below rejuvenates my soul. I love being able to explore the different @tennesseestateparks. This is Longhunter State Park which covers 2,600 beautiful acres here in middle Tennessee. Please keep in mind when you go to enjoy one of these mesMerizing locations to keep them clean so all manner of life, aquatic and land lover alike, can enjoy them in the same, if not better comforts than you have. (PSA from the Large Mouth Bass who has spoken up the loudest at my last visit.) 😘 ____________________________ Tail by: @mertailor Top by: @pariscustomcakes . ____________________________ . . #professionalmermaid #mermaidforhire #Nashville #Tennessee #middletn #middletennessee #tnstateparks #longhunterstatepark #percypriestlake #percypriest #lake #mermaidsarereal #mermaidtail #mertailor #mermaidlife #mermaidsofinstagram #mermaidobsession #mermaidinspiration #littlemermaid #thelittlemermaid #tlm #littlemermaidariel #Ariel #disneyariel #disneymermaid #disneyside #arielhair #mermaidhair #redhair #hairgoals

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