The Coolest Adventure Park Exists in Nashville

I've been living in Nashville for five years and somehow had NO IDEA that there's an incredible adventure park just a short drive from downtown! 

SOAR Adventure Tower in Franklin, TN has 4 levels of interactive climbing elements including bridges, monkey bars, swings, and platforms!

The ground level, designed for kids, has 19 different climbing elements designed for kids ages 4-7, while the highest level of the tower reaches over 45 feet above ground!

The best part is that you don't have to wait in any lines! If someone in front of you is taking their sweet a** time, you can just change direction and explore a different climby-thingy (yeah, that's the technical term). Since its Music City, you know they're gonna have a bunch of music-themed elements too!

I'm pretty sure the harnesses you wear are supposed to keep you from falling and getting hurt, but I think they underestimate my ability to get hurt doing literally anything! Either way, I will DEFINITELY be stopping by Soar Adventure sometime this summer because ummm how could you not?! Oh, and did I mention they have mini golf too!?

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