This is The Cutest Travel Inspired Cafe in Nashville

I barely ever leave the house, but when I better be worth my time! So I'm always looking for unique places around Nashville to visit. And when they have delicious food, that's even better!

In my search for my new favorite unique brunch place, I found a travel themed cafe in East Nashville!

The cafe is even complete with terminal chairs to lounge in while you wait for your order!

Plus, you can officially join the "mile high club" without being judged! Their loyalty program is cleverly titled "The Mile High Club"! You'll get a free coffee after your purchase of 10!

But most importantly, let's take a look at their food cause I am DROOLING over it! It all looks SO DAMN GOOD!

Cinnamon Rolls 😍😍

Cupcake cookie things...

I don't really know what these are honestly...they just look amazing!


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