WTF is Going on With Hailey Baldwin & Shawn Mendes

When Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin walked the red carpet together at the MET Gala back in May, it got us all (or at least me...) thinking that this was the beginning of an adorable romance!

Welp, we were wrong. Later in May, they revealed that they're just really good friends and that Hailey is single.

Since then, a Hailey + Bieber seem to be rekindling their romance having been spotted packing on some PDA.

But here's where I'm confused...if Shawn and her have always been "just friends", how come she DELETED ALL THEIR PICTURES TOGETHER FROM THE MET GALA?!

Yep - she's deleted ALL of their photos from the gala...but Shawn hasn't! Now, I'd understand if he was her ex buuuuuttt apparently they're not?! I just want to know the truth...

And I'm not the only one confused! Twitter is JUST as confused as I am.

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