3 Year Old is Flower Girl at Bone Marrow Donor's Wedding

While Hayden Hatfield Ryals was attending college in 2015, she decided to become a bone marrow donor. After about a year of thinking she'd never match with anyone, she got a call from Be The Match, the largest marrow registry in the world! 

As it turns out, Hayden was a MATCH for Skye Savren-McCormick, a young girl who had recently been diagnosed with leukemia! When Hayden got the news, she felt like becoming Skye's donor was her purpose in life!

Hayden often thought about the little girl she helped save, but Be The Match requires that patients and donors wait at least one year before they contact one another. As soon as the year was up, she immediately reached out to Skye's mother!

It wasn't long after their initial conversation that Hayden popped the question and asked little Skye to be her flower girl in her upcoming wedding! After getting approval from her doctors, the Savren-McCormick family took the trip from their home in California to the wedding in Alabama!

And on her wedding day, Hayden finally got to meet the little girl she helped save! 

Hayden even gave the cutie a pearl bracelet inscribed with her name as a gift before the wedding! The two families say they are looking forward to getting to spend more time together in the future!

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