Demi Lovato Fans Hold Impromptu Concert in Her Honor

On Tuesday afternoon, Demi Lovato was rushed to an LA hospital after an apparent overdose. According to recent reports, Lovato remains in the hospital today and has agreed to enter rehab treatment upon her release. 

Shortly after Demi was taken to the hospital, it was announced that she would be canceling her performance at the Atlantic City BeachFest Concert. Fans were quick to support Demi in her time of need and fully understood the need to cancel her show. 

But that didn't stop her fans from putting on a show of their own! Fans and supporters met up to show their support for Lovato!

Fans showed up with signs showing their support for Lovato and sang along to their favorite Demi songs, including her most recent single, "Sober", which chronicles her recent struggles with sobriety.

Demi has always been open abut her struggles with mental health and addiction and her fans have always been incredibly supportive, so its no surprise that they spent their day showing their love and support for the singer.

We continue to wish the best for Demi on her road to recovery. Its a long road that definitely won't be easy, but Demi has shown time and time again that she's incredibly strong and we have faith that she'll make a full recovery!

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