Woman Falls From Cruise Ship, Treads Water for 10 Hours

On Saturday, August 18th, a British woman on board the Norwegian Star cruise ship fell overboard into the Adriatic Sea near Croatia!

The cruise line released a statement saying that the woman went overboard as the ship was on its way to Venice. Of course, the Coast Guard was notified and a search for the woman began.

According to CCTV footage, the woman fell overboard around 11:30pm on Saturday and wasn't rescued until 9:45am on Sunday! So what did the 46-year-old woman do for those 10 hours? 


via Getty Images

The woman, identified as Kay Longstaff, says her love of yoga keeps her in shape and she sang to herself for 10 hours to keep herself from falling asleep and keep her body temperature up!

Can you imagine trying to keep yourself afloat for 10 hours!? I don't think I could even tread water for ONE hour! And can we talk about how this 46-year-old woman is in better shape than I've ever been in my life?

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