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Josh Peck & Drake Bell Celebrate Josh's Baby News

Last week, Josh Peck announced that he and his wife, Paige O'Brien, are expecting their first child together and that totally hit me in the feels!

But then he released a YouTube video of himself announcing the pregnancy to all of his friends...including Drake Bell!

And that's what completely destroyed me! In the video, they agree that Drake will be the baby's uncle! Of course Drake wanted a really cool nickname, but they settled on "Uncle Drake"...real original.

And that's when they hit us with the greatest idea in the history of all ideas EVER when Josh suggested

"Will you have a kid soon so they can be friends and then have their own TV show?" 

Obviously Drake thought that was a great idea, cause of course he replied with

"Oh my god, that's brilliant!"

You can watch the full ADORABLE video below

And of course Drake shared a video of his own on his Instagram

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