Break Up Care Packages Are Now Available

Breakups SUCK. Your heart is breaking and you can't stop thinking about your ex. For some people it means staying in bed eating an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's. For others it means going out and hitting the bars and trying to drink away your feelings (I don't recommend this route, btw). 

But one thing I think everyone can agree on is that gifts from your friends are helpful, right? Happy Box Store agrees. They've launched "Break Up Boxes" complete with a voodoo doll, lipstick, girl gang patches, GUMMY BEARS (obviously my favorite), a face mask, and a card from your BFF.

Happy Box offers all kinds of gift boxes for literally any occasion - birthdays, engagements, going off to college, or just to cheer up a friend! Or you can create your own custom box by selecting your box design and filling it with all sorts of goodies like unicorn bottle openers, face masks, teas, bath bombs, candy, jewelry, and more!

This is definitely gonna be my go-to whenever I need to find a quick gift for someone!

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