Infused Ice Cream Shop to Open in Nashville

Every couple of weeks there's a new food trend and 99% of the time I think they're weird AF. But ice cream trends? I can 100% support that, especially considering that my diet mostly consists of milkshakes.

Well, there's a new trend coming...and its coming to Nashville! What is it? Ice cream infused with cereal, candy, and fruit!

Cosmic Creamery, home of the "out of this world" deliciousness, is set to open in Nashville in October 2018! They're even partnering up with some of our favorite places in the city, like No Baked Cookie Dough, to create all sorts of crazy flavors!

That picture up above looks AMAZING, right? Well its called the Milky Way, and its infused with Cookie Crisp cereal and cookie dough from No Baked!

To say I'm excited about this place is a total understatement! 

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