Meet Maximus Might Dog Mueller II, Better Known as Mayor Max

Let's be honest, getting an entire town to agree on a political candidate is nearly impossible. Unless that town is Idyllwild (WTF?!), a California town with a population of less than 4,000.

Six years ago, the town decided to elect its first mayor, but there was a catch. The mayor had to be a local resident, but you couldn't run, you could only run your pet. In the end, there were 14 dogs and 2 cats running for office in an election that was used to raise money for animal rescues by requiring a $1 donation to vote. The election resulted in the town's first mayor, a golden retriever!

Today, Maximus Might Dog Mueller II (what a name) is the Mayor and he just so happens to be the nephew of the town's original mayor! Since he's super chill, he goes by the name "Mayor Max".

Seeing as he's such a celebrity, Mayor Max has his very own custom truck! Oh and guess what...Max has been such a good boy that he's been voted MAYOR FOR LIFE!

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