Taylor Swift Stalker Wanted by Nashville PD After Restraining Order Placed

A restraining order has been issued against Eric Swarbrick, 26, after harassing Taylor Swift and her manager, Jesse Schaudies Jr. He is currently wanted for an outstanding warrant in Davidson County.

As you can imagine, Taylor has a lot of "intense" fans, some even reaching the level of "stalker". However, Swarbrick's behavior has escalated significantly in recent months. As recently as August 28th, he wrote an email to Scott Borchetta, claiming that he wants to rape the singer. The email, titled "The End", contained the following statement: 

I want to rape Taylor Swift. This is why I hate Taylor herself. I've not only been a danger to others, but because of that a danger to myself"

Over the last couple of years, Swarbrick has written countless letters to Taylor, her manager, and her label. More excerpts from his letters and emails can be found here.

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