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Instagram Launches New Tool to Limit Bullying on Social Media

The new head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced on Tuesday that the social media platform has been working on a tool to help fight bullying. 

Up until now, the only way to fight bullying on Instagram was to report a post and ask for it to be removed for violating its guidelines, but now, Instagram has another process! They've even launched camera effects designed to help spread kindness.

So how is this new program going to help end bullying? 

Their new technology will be able to detect bullying in photos and their captions. If the system picks up on any bullying, it will be sent to the Community Operations team to be reviewed. 

The new technology, designed to help protect kids and teens as they see higher rates of bullying than others, has already started to roll out across the platform.

This isn't the first "anti-bullying" technique that Instagram has launched. A few months back, they launched a comment filter that would detect and hide offensive comments from feeds. Now, they're adding this feature to live videos as well.

Maddie Ziegler, best known for being Sia's dancer, has been very vocal about her stance on bullying ever since she started being bullied online. Together with Instagram, she's launched a "kindness camera effect" to spread positivity. By following Maddie on Instagram, you'll automatically have the effect through the camera. By switching to the rear camera, you can get even more kindness effects! 

The launch of Instagram's new features comes during National Bullying prevention month.

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