Post Malone Spends More on Postmates Than Some People Make in a Year

Occasionally, when I'm really lazy (okay its not that occasional), I'll order some Taco Bell through Postmates, but I wouldn't say I spend too much on it. 

Then there's Post Malone. This man reportedly spent over $40,000 on the delivery service over the last year. I knew he was rich, but I guess I didn't realize just how rich he actually is. Like, some people don't even make $40,000 in a year and this guy's over here getting his McDonald's delivered to his doorstep like its nothing!

So how exactly did he manage to spend that much? Well, back in April he spent $8,000 on Popeye's biscuits for a party at Coachella. EIGHT. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. But I mean, that got him 10,000 biscuits, so I can't be mad about it. 

But that's only one of over 600 orders that he's placed over the last year! His other orders included his party essentials - booze, plastic cups, rolling papers, and more!

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