Taco Bell Will Host Your Birthday Party

As a kid, I ALWAYS wanted to have a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Unfortunately, I was never one of the lucky kids that got to celebrate their birthday with a mechanical rat. But that's okay, 'cause my new goal in life is to have my birthday party at a Taco Bell like the mature adult I am! And ya know what? Dreams come true 'cause TBell has launched "PARTY by Taco Bell"...aka they'll host your birthday party!!

For $25 (or the price of about 24 soft tacos), you can reserve your party, which will include a 1-hour reservation for up to 10 people and one decor kit! Decor kits come in two designs - Feeling Luxe (black & gold) and Feeling Electric (90s themed) - and include photo props, plates, and a table runner! 

Plus, you can add on extra party supplies including hot sauce packet balloons (yep, that's a thing), hot sauce glasses, and extra props!

As of now, the party reservations are only available at 10 locations (Florida, Michigan, South Carolina, Texas, California, Virginia, New York, and Ohio) during select weekends. But ya never know...maybe they'll come to Nashville next!

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