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NYPD Officer Sings Backstreet Boys Karaoke From Squad Car

When you think of a police officer, you probably don't think of them singing karaoke from their patrol car, do you? Well, then you've clearly never met Officer Richard Gunther.

On Saturday afternoon, Jordan Haskins was walking back to his office when he heard singing and saw a crowd forming. He quickly recognized the song as one of the Backstreet Boys' greatest hits - I Want It That Way. 

Lately, there's been a lot of negativity in the world, some of which leads cops to get a bad name, so to see a cop sharing their softer side really resonated with people. He even ended his solo performance by wishing everyone a good day and a happy holidays. 

Justin shared a video of the karaoke-sesh to Instagram where it quickly went viral. 

 Officer Richard Gunther found the video and commented saying,

"Thank you for taking and posting this video. I'm so glad I can entertain everyone. Feels great interacting with the community and seeing all the smiles/laughs! You guys are the best!"

The video was even seen by BSB's own Nick Carter!

There's not a lot of musicians that can still be relevant 25 years after their first hit, but not all musicians are the Backstreet Boys, amiright?? You can catch BSB on their DNA tour at the Bridgestone Arena on August 26th.

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