Including Kim Kardashian On Your Resume Could Get You A Job

Chris Sumlin, of Beverly Hills, CA, is a Graduate Student at BU and an aspiring TV writer with a really impressive resume. He's had experience as an intern at the 2015 BET Awards, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Turner Broadcasting System. On top of that, he's written a self-help book, but apparently Sumlin didn't think that would be enough to score him a job, so he included a unique accomplishment.

In the "Accomplishments" section of his resume, Sumlin included "retweeted by Kim Kardashian West for impressive work in graduate school". According to Chris, that small little line has helped him get THREE job interviews in less than a week!

After his original tweet went viral, the Queen Kardashian took notice and wished him good luck on his job search. 

Just that ONE line about Kim was enough to get him interviews, so of course he had to add in ANOTHER line about how Kim wished him good luck!

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