Disney Releases Princess-Inspired Wedding Dresses

Most people, myself included, have been obsessed with a Disney Princess at some point in their lives. As people grow older, their love of Disney tends to fade, but not for everyone! I know a TON of adults that are still as obsessed with the Mouse as they were as kids. That has led to a ton of Disney-themed weddings. 

Kuraudia Co., a Japan-based wedding company, has taken full advantage of the love for Disney-themed weddings by releasing a line of 14 Disney Princess-inspired wedding dresses!

The line features dresses inspired by six of the princess classics - Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Rapunzel.

Some of the dresses look straight out of the movie, while others have a more modern interpretation.  

The dresses became available for rent on November 1st and range in sizes 0-12. If you're going for a full blown Disney wedding, you can add on a matching prince tux and bridesmaid's dresses!

Here's the sad part though - they're only available in Japan. But honestly, if you're THAT much of a Disney fan, I'd say its worth it to take a trip oversees for the perfect wedding gown! 

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