GoFundMe Created to Help Cover Medical Expenses for Nashville Musician

Garrett Perales is a Nashville musician that has played alongside artists such as Ryan Hurd and Jacob Whitesides. Recently, Garrett was diagnosed with stage IV, high grade, angiosarcoma of the lungs. Angiosarcoma is a rare, clinically highly variable cancer of the blood vessels and a form of Sarcoma. 

Garrett has chosen to forgo the usual treatments such as chemotherapy and has instead decided to go the alternative holistic route. Unfortunately, most insurance companies don't cover alternative medical treatments, so he's forced to pay for all medical expenses out of pocket. 

Friends of the musician have created a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising funds to cover his medical expenses. To donate, click HERE.

Sarcoma is a very rare form of cancer in adults that affects only 1% of all adults suffering cancer. The cancer has several different subtypes due to the fact that it can arise from many different tissue structures including blood vessels, bone, fat, muscles, nerves, and joints. Because these tissues can be found anywhere in the body, Sarcoma can arise anywhere.

In an effort to spread the word about Garrett's condition, fellow musicians and friends are asking for your help via social media.

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