Jimmy Buffett to Open 300-Acre Margaritaville Resort

Does anyone NOT like Jimmy Buffett? I doubt it. That explains why his Margaritaville franchise just keeps on expanding! First, he opened a Margaritaville retirement home and now...a resort!

The resort, which will expand across 300 acres is set to open January 2019 and features four different sections - Margaritaville Hotel, Margaritaville Cottages, The Sunset District, and the Island H20 Live! water park.

The massive H20 Live! Water Park will take up 14 of the 300 acres and feature rafting, rides, a wave pool, cabanas, hammocks, and a lazy river. The downside? The water park won't open until Spring of 2019.

Hotel rates at the resort start at just $199 a night. The cottages in Margaritaville Cottages are available to rent or own. Lastly, the resort will feature tons of shopping, dining, entertainment, and teen clubs!

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