Donut Distillery to Open in Nashville

I was driving around East Nashville the other day when I discovered something beautiful - The Donut Distillery! The storefront isn't open just yet, but it will be "soon"! In the meantime, they have a mobile food truck serving greater Nashville!

In 2017, Shauna McCoy, owner of the Donut Distillery, decided that making people happy through food was her true calling. Since then, she's built a business of made-to-order mini donuts, coffee, craft beer, and wine!

You can choose your donuts order from a menu of signature mini donuts OOOORRR you can create your own by selecting your frosting, topping, and drizzle. Frostings include maple, whiskey glazed, buttercream, and more. But the toppings...that sounds like the best part to me - Heath bar, Oreo cookies, sprinkles, bacon, coconut, mint chip, orange, and literally tons more!

Oh, and to make this place even more amazing, they have an amazing mural right outside their storefront!

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