Spice Girls Releasing New Movie With All Five Members

The news of the Spice Girls reuniting for a new tour was both exciting, and devastating, because it just won't be the same without Posh! Luckily, it doesn't look like there's much beef between the girls since they are releasing a NEW MOVIE...WITH ALL FIVE MEMBERS!

According to reports, the film will be an animated superhero movie with each Spice Girl playing a superhero! The film is set to release sometime in 2020. The President of Paramount Animation, Mireille Soria, says that all five of the Spice Girls will be voicing characters. Yes, even Posh...err sorry, Victoria.

Obviously, the movie will feature its fair share of GIRL POWER. There's plenty of girl power behind the scenes too with woman making up a majority of the team working on the movie.

Source: HelloGiggles

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