Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Actually Broke Up Once For 24 Hours


We need to talk Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. We are ALL obsessed with this couple! Of course they just got married in Vegas, exchanged Ring Pops. Seriously they are too cool. And they are still having a huge wedding this summer!

But, it turns out thing weren't always smooth sailing for this couple. Sophie recently opened up that they actually called it quits once! GASP.


Sophie said, "It was the worst day of our lives. For a second we both had cold feet, and then 24 hours later we were both like, "never mind." You want to be normal, go out without the fear of people hounding you, but if I'm happy then I'm not going to give that up to be private."

But, here's what just made my heart skip a beat. Sophie has been open about her struggle with her mental health and Joe said, "I can't be with you until you love yourself. I can't see you love me more than you love yourself."

Seriously, all this is just more proof why they are too perfect together!


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