Katy Perry & Taylor Swift's Feud Ends After This Peace Offering Of Cookies

Katy Perry caused quite the stir on Instagram when she posted a photo of what seemed like just your typical plate of chocolate chip cookies. But, these are special. Let me tell you why!

So, the side of the plate says, "PEACE AT LAST," decorated with two little peace signs on both sides. And the photo Katy posted is caption with, "Feels good @taylorswift" and the location tag reads, "Let's Be Friends." Plus I am assuming Taylor baked the cookies. The entire thing SHOOK me to my core!

The feud that seems like eternity between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift has FINALLY come to an end and I legit could cry. For those that don't remember the beef allegedly started between these two when Katy "stole" some of Taylor's backup dancers for her tour. Then came Taylor's single "Bad Blood," which was totally related to the fight.

Now this plate of cookies has ended their battle! And naturally I had to investigate it further. Listen to this...if you add all the letters on the plate and the 2 peace signs you get 13. Add up all the letters in "Let's Be Friends" from the location tag and you get 13 again. Taylor commented on the photo with 13 hearts. DEAD!

I feel like this is totally a nod to an upcoming collab between these two that could potentially be titled, "Let's Be Friends." Just a thought! Regardless I am happy these two powerhouse women put the past behind them.

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