Pregnant Woman Gives Trophy to First Man to Give Up His Seat For Her

Most forms of public transportation encourage commuters to give up their seats to those who might need them more, but Instagram user Yvonne Lin claims that throughout both of her pregnancies, a man never offered his seat on the subway to her -- until now.  

Lin explained to DNAinfo that while plenty of women had given up their seats to her over the years, not a single man ever had.

So during the third trimester of her first pregnancy, she began carrying around a thank you card to give to whichever man was the first to do it.  When it never happened, she decided to up the reward for her second pregnancy, and had an actual trophy made.

She just gave it away to the gentleman below last Friday!
"He looked up at me and looked super startled and embarrassed, and he immediately stood up and said, 'Please take this seat, I just noticed,'" she told DNAinfo.

Hooray for chivalry!

What do you think about all of this?

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