Taylor Swift's"Call It What You Want" is A Love Story About Joe Alwyn

Although Taylor Swift has kept her relationship with actor Joe Alwyn almost completely out of the spotlight [I'm still waiting to see cute photos of them on Instagram], the world is finally starting to get a glimpse into their love affair via the newly released Reputation track, Call It What You Want.

Check out the lyric video below -- you'll see that it clearly references the Kim/Kanye drama, and the way that Joe stood by and loved Taylor through all of it.

My favorite lyrics from this song?

"I want to wear his initial on a chain around my neck
Not because he owns me
But 'cause he really knows me

I recall late November
Holding my breath,
slowly I said
'You don't need to save me
But would you run away with me?'

What do you think of the song, fam?!

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