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Logan Paul Brags About Gaining 1 Million Subscribers After "3 Week Break"

One month after the massive backlash caused by a video in which Logan Paul featured the body of a suicide victim, the YouTuber has returned to vlogging -- and I'm not gonna lie, I'm cringing a bit.

The vlog opens as a movie trailer, featuring a Cast Away-esque version of Logan washed up on a beach. A narrator pokes fun at the apologies Paul gave for the controversial "suicide forest" video, saying he was “seen swallowing his tears on social media like a little baby.”

“What do you mean ‘disgraced,’ boy? I took a break,” Logan yells as a response. “What other YouTuber you know can take a three week break and still gain a million subscribers?
[he also draws a giant penis in the sand, so. do with that what you will.]

After the fake trailer is finished, Paul asks viewers to purchase his merchandise, since YouTube cut his ad revenue in half in light of the situation.

Here's the thing -- I believe that everyone makes mistakes. I also believe in second chances. But the first two minutes of this video really give me the impression that Logan hasn't actually learned his lesson. It's not that I expected him to never return to his loud, goofy ways. I just don't think it's appropriate to make light of what he did or brag about audience growth, especially so soon.

Watch the vlog below for yourself, and let me know what you think. 

Now, I do think it's important to remind people that he did release a documentary-style video before this latest vlog, where he educated viewers (and himself!) about suicide. He pledged to donate $1 Million to suicide prevention charities, and generally made me think he was remorseful for what he had done. Maybe that's why his latest video surprised/disappointed me so much. 

Do I think it's appropriate for anyone to tell Logan Paul to go die in light of what he did? No. 

But he's not doing himself any favors with this kind of behavior.

(As another example: did you see the comment he left on Cardi B's Instagram earlier this week?)


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