Creepy Messages Allege That Aliens Will Invade April 18 of This Year

There's a conspiracy theory making the rounds on Twitter and Reddit that alleges aliens are going to invade Earth on April 18, 2018.

Basically, people are receiving creepy voicemails in military code that translate to "DANGER, SOS, IT IS DIRE FOR YOU TO EVACUATE THEY ARE NOT HUMAN SOS DANGER SOS."
(casual, right? lol!)

Check out the thread below to get more detailed information. It ties the whole thing back to Malaysian Flight 370's black box...

My own friends -- Kait, Robin & Jess -- were freaked out even TALKING about it amongst ourselves (doesn't help that the power went on mid-conversation). So I decided to have a little fun by arranging for Woody & Jim to call them leaving creepy messages a few minutes later. Watch the prank below!


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